Inconel Tubes

Inconel Tubes

Ashapura Steel is your trusted source for premium-grade Inconel tubes, tailored to meet the exacting demands of industries requiring top-notch tubing solutions with unparalleled resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion, and oxidation. As a leading provider of superior metal products, we present a comprehensive range of Inconel tube grades to cater to diverse industry needs.

Our Inconel tubes come in various sizes, wall thicknesses, and lengths, providing customized solutions for different applications. Whether you seek seamless or welded tubes, Ashapura Steel has the perfect solution to match your specific requirements. Industries such as aerospace, chemical processing, oil and gas, and marine, where reliability and durability are paramount, benefit significantly from our Inconel tubes.

Inconel, a renowned nickel-based alloy, is acclaimed for its superior mechanical properties, exceptional heat resistance, and remarkable corrosion resistance in challenging environments. These attributes make Inconel tubes the ideal choice for applications involving high temperatures, corrosive fluids, and demanding operational conditions.

At Ashapura Steel, we prioritize the highest quality standards for our Inconel tubes, ensuring dependable and durable solutions. Our experienced team is committed to assisting you in selecting the right grade and size of Inconel tubes to precisely suit your unique needs.

Types of Inconel Tube

Inconel 600 Tubes

Inconel 600 tubes are made of a nickel-chromium alloy that offers excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in applications where they will be exposed to extreme heat or corrosive environments. Inconel 600 tubes are commonly used in the chemical processing industry, as well as in furnace components and heat exchangers.

Inconel 601 Tubes

Inconel 601 tubes have a higher aluminum content than Inconel 600, which gives them superior resistance to both heat and corrosion. They are often used in applications where they will be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as furnace components, gas turbines, and petrochemical processing equipment.

Inconel 625 Tubes

Inconel 625 tubes are known for their exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. This makes them an ideal choice for use in chemical processing equipment, marine environments, and aerospace applications.

Inconel 718 Tubes

Inconel 718 tubes are used in high-stress applications such as aircraft engines and gas turbines due to their exceptional strength and durability. They offer excellent resistance to both corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

Inconel X750 Tubes

Inconel X750 tubes are made of a nickel-chromium alloy with added titanium and aluminum, which makes them highly resistant to both corrosion and high temperatures. They are often used in aerospace applications, as well as in petrochemical processing equipment.

Inconel Tube Specification

SpecificationsASTM A387 / ASME SA387
Width1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 4050mm etc
Length2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, 12000mm, 15000mm etc
Surface2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, checkered, embossed, hair line, sand blast, Brush, etching Manufacturer and Supplier
FinishHot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR)

Inconel Seamless Tubes Surface Finish

ASTM A387 Grade 50.15 max0.3 – 0.60.0350.030.5 max4.00 – 6.000.45 – 0.65
ASTM A387 Grade90.15 max0.30 – max8.0 – 10.00.9 – 1.1
ASTM A387 Grade 110.05 – 0.170.4 – 0.650.0350.0350.5 – 0.801.0 – 1.50.45 – 0.65
ASTM A387 Grade 120.05 – 0.170.4 – 0.650.0350.0350.15 – 0.40.8 – 1.150.45 – 0.6
ASTM A387 Grade 220.05 – 0.150.3 – 0.60.0350.0350.5 max2.0 – 2.50.9 – 1.1

Inconel Tubes Standards

Plate Surface finishGauge (in)Width (max in)
2B – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed Plate10–2472*
2D – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled plate12–2460
BA Mexinox only18–2848
Polished plate (not brushed)11–2460
Temper rolled plate Mexinox only13–2948

Industrial Application of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sheets

Defence & Aerospace

Defence & Aerospace

We are one of the leading supplier, stockist, exporter and trader of wide range of industrial materials and sourcing globally to our customers.



We are one of the leading supplier, stockist, exporter and trader of wide range of industrial materials and sourcing globally to our customers.

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Speciality Valves & Vacuum

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Precision Components

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1)What is Inconel made of?

Some common elements found in Inconel alloys include-
Nickel (Ni)- Nickel is the primary component and forms the base of the alloy, providing strength and corrosion resistance.
Chromium (Cr)- Chromium enhances the alloy’s resistance to oxidation and corrosion, particularly at high temperatures.
Iron (Fe)- Iron is often present in relatively small amounts, contributing to the alloy’s overall strength.
Molybdenum (Mo)- Molybdenum improves resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in aggressive environments.
Niobium (Nb)- Niobium can be added to enhance the alloy’s strength and resistance to high.

2) Where is Inconel found?

Inconel alloys find their application in a wide spectrum of industries and settings where extreme conditions challenge traditional materials. They are a staple in aerospace, safeguarding critical components in aircraft and spacecraft, and play a vital role in the chemical and petrochemical sectors, ensuring the integrity of equipment exposed to corrosive chemicals. Inconel’s resilience is also harnessed in the energy sector for power generation and in the demanding environments of nuclear facilities.

3)Where is Inconel used?

Inconel is widely employed in industries where extreme conditions and exceptional performance are paramount. It’s a vital material in aerospace, fortifying critical components in aircraft and spacecraft. In the chemical and petrochemical sectors, Inconel safeguards equipment against corrosive substances. Its heat resistance makes it invaluable in power generation, and its durability is essential in nuclear applications.

4)Can Inconel be welded?

Yes, Inconel can be welded, but it requires specialized techniques and expertise due to its unique properties, including high-temperature resistance and resistance to corrosion. Welding Inconel typically involves the use of specific welding processes like gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW or TIG), gas metal arc welding (GMAW or MIG), or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW or stick welding.

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