Hastelloy Forged Fittings

Hastelloy Forged Fittings

Ashapura Steel’s Hastelloy forged fittings exemplify meticulous craftsmanship, purpose-built to exceed the exacting standards of industrial applications. Crafted from premium-grade Hastelloy alloy, these fittings showcase an impressive blend of qualities outstanding corrosion resistance, an innate ability to withstand high temperatures, and superior mechanical properties.

Engineered to perfection, these forged fittings are engineered to guarantee leak-free connections, ensuring enduring performance within critical piping systems and industrial processes. Their precise dimensions and reliable threading make installation a breeze, offering secure connections that instill confidence in even the harshest environments.

Different Types of Hastelloy Forged Fittings

Hastelloy Forged Elbows

These fittings have a 90-degree or 45-degree bend and are used to change the direction of the pipe. They come in different sizes and pressure ratings to suit specific piping requirements.

Hastelloy Forged Tees

Tees are used to create branches in the piping system. Hastelloy forged tees have a T-shaped design with three openings, allowing the flow of fluid or gas in multiple directions.

Hastelloy Forged Couplings

Couplings are used to connect two pipes of the same diameter. Hastelloy forged couplings provide a strong and secure connection, ensuring leak-free operation in corrosive environments.

Hastelloy Forged Crosses

Crosses are similar to tees but with a fourth opening for another pipe connection. Hastelloy forged crosses are used in applications where multiple branches or connections are required.

Hastelloy Forged Union

Unions are fittings that allow for easy disconnection and reconnection of pipes or components. Hastelloy forged unions are particularly useful for maintenance and repair purposes.

Hastelloy Forged Caps

Caps are used to seal the end of a pipe, providing protection and preventing the flow of fluid or gas. Hastelloy forged caps are designed to withstand corrosive environments and high temperatures.

Hastelloy Forged Plugs

Plugs are similar to caps but are threaded for easy installation and removal. Hastelloy forged plugs are used to close off openings in the piping system temporarily or permanently.

Hastelloy Forged Bushings

Bushings are used to join pipes of different sizes together. Hastelloy forged bushings have one male and one female threaded end, allowing for a secure and reliable connection.

​​Hastelloy Forged Fittings Specification

SpecificationsASTM A387 / ASME SA387
Width1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 4050mm etc
Length2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, 12000mm, 15000mm etc
Surface2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, checkered, embossed, hair line, sand blast, Brush, etching Manufacturer and Supplier
FinishHot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR)

Manufacturing Standards of Hastelloy Forged Fittings

ASTM A387 Grade 50.15 max0.3 – 0.60.0350.030.5 max4.00 – 6.000.45 – 0.65
ASTM A387 Grade90.15 max0.30 – max8.0 – 10.00.9 – 1.1
ASTM A387 Grade 110.05 – 0.170.4 – 0.650.0350.0350.5 – 0.801.0 – 1.50.45 – 0.65
ASTM A387 Grade 120.05 – 0.170.4 – 0.650.0350.0350.15 – 0.40.8 – 1.150.45 – 0.6
ASTM A387 Grade 220.05 – 0.150.3 – 0.60.0350.0350.5 max2.0 – 2.50.9 – 1.1

Hastelloy Forged Fittings Available Types & Shapes

Plate Surface finishGauge (in)Width (max in)
2B – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed Plate10–2472*
2D – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled plate12–2460
BA Mexinox only18–2848
Polished plate (not brushed)11–2460
Temper rolled plate Mexinox only13–2948

Industrial Application of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sheets

Defence & Aerospace

Defence & Aerospace

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We are one of the leading supplier, stockist, exporter and trader of wide range of industrial materials and sourcing globally to our customers.

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Speciality Valves & Vacuum

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Precision Components

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What is the grade of Hastelloy material?

Hastelloy is available in various grades, including C-276, C-22, B-2, X, and G-30, each designed for specific applications with varying resistance to corrosion and high-temperature environments.

Is Hastelloy a stainless steel?

No, Hastelloy is not a type of stainless steel. Hastelloy is a family of high-performance alloys that are primarily composed of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, with additional elements like iron, cobalt, tungsten, and other elements in varying amounts. These alloys are known for their exceptional resistance to corrosion, especially in highly corrosive environments involving acids, chlorine, and other aggressive chemicals.

What are the advantages of Hastelloy?

Hastelloy is a high-performance alloy renowned for its exceptional advantages in demanding industrial applications. Its corrosion resistance is unmatched, making it ideal for use in harsh environments where other materials would quickly degrade. Additionally, Hastelloy exhibits exceptional strength and durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in critical systems. Its versatility allows for a wide range of applications, from chemical processing to aerospace, where its resistance to heat and oxidation shines

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